The Greater Hood is a (very) small design studio made up of two Bay Area natives, artists, and friends. Our business started as weekly meetings at a coffee shop on Market Street (we know, how SF of us). As our ideas grew and solidified, we marched off to City Hall with absolutely no idea what we were doing, got ourselves a business license, and the rest is history. We've loved every minute of it and our mission is to share that joy with you. It's endless fun to create for The Greater Hood and we hope that feeling continues over to you when you bring your goodies home.


Although Katya has been creating since she was little, she never considered pursuing it seriously until her sophomore year of college. While her roommate, a graphic design major, was working on homework, Katya peeked at what she was doing and a light bulb turned on. Soon after, Katya declared Graphic Design as her major and has never looked back. Since graduating from college, she has worked in the creative field honing her skills in design and marketing, which have proven essential to starting a small business. The Greater Hood is one of her man her outlet to share her personal work with everyone, and she couldn’t be more excited.


At age 5, Shawn embarked on a his first entrepreneurial mission - selling his own illustrated books to family and neighbors at twenty-five cents a pop. Having no start-up costs or overhead, Shawn's net worth skyrocketed to $1.25 on his first day. Thirty some years later, he is still at it, albeit with slightly better artwork and a farther reaching "neighborhood". Shawn set down the crayons in exchange for a mouse, and now thinks of Photoshop as an extension of his body. Having worked with the program almost everyday since 1997, he is confident in his abilities. However, Shawn remains humble knowing his designs most likely won't change the world, but he hopes they will at least change some walls (for the better).

Katya and Shawn - Founders of The Greater Hood