It has been a long time coming, but we are officially now The Greater Hood. For us, this is more of a ‘next stage’ and major upgrade. We still have all of our prints available, but now you can order them in more sizes and on canvas and metal. More prints are in the work, too, so keep an eye out! New series, expanding on current series, maybe even some new product offerings (tote bags, anyone?). The decision to rebrand was a discussion we had over several years, but ultimately came down to use wanting to have a brand that was easier to pronounce (we know theGRQP was a head scratcher), was more aligned with what art we love to make, and who doesn’t like a little makeover every once in a while?

The Greater Hood is all about a deep sense of pride and connection with this amazing State and location we live in. Our neighborhood prints showcase some historical and local-only elements, but are also approachable and relatable to the huge amount of visitors and transplants that pass through. We want our products to be a way to capture memories of the places you love. Right now we are focused on the Bay Area and California, but plan to expand beyond these ‘hoods’ and be more encompassing of the ‘greater hood’ we are all a part of.

The same team is still at the helm, too. So, really, all we are shedding is our old name. We are so excited to see where phase two of our little business goes. Here’s to exploring more of The Greater Hood.